Our People

Sheila MacKenzie
“High net worth person” means:-
  • (a) an individual whose net worth is at least CI$800,000 or its equivalent in any other currency; or
  • (b)any person that has total assets of not less than CI$4,000,000 or its equivalent in any other currency.
“Sophisticated person” means a person:-
  • (a) regulated by the Authority;
  • (b) regulated by a recognised overseas Authority;
  • (c) any of whose securities are listed on a recognised securities exchange; or
  • (d) who:-
    • (i) by virtue of knowledge and experience in financial and business matters is reasonably to be regarded as capable of evaluating the merits of a proposed transaction; and
    • (ii) participates in a transaction with a value or in monetary amounts of at least CI$80,000 or its equivalent in any other currency, in the case of each single transaction.

Sheila has worked part-time at Overseas Asset Management for nearly 20 years in a general administrative capacity.  Before joining Overseas Asset Management, she worked at Richardson Greenshields of Canada (now RBC Dominion Securities) for 10 years.  A long-time resident of the Cayman Islands, Sheila is actively involved in several volunteer organisations.

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Sheila MacKenzie