“High net worth person” means:-
  • (a) an individual whose net worth is at least CI$800,000 or its equivalent in any other currency; or
  • (b)any person that has total assets of not less than CI$4,000,000 or its equivalent in any other currency.
“Sophisticated person” means a person:-
  • (a) regulated by the Authority;
  • (b) regulated by a recognised overseas Authority;
  • (c) any of whose securities are listed on a recognised securities exchange; or
  • (d) who:-
    • (i) by virtue of knowledge and experience in financial and business matters is reasonably to be regarded as capable of evaluating the merits of a proposed transaction; and
    • (ii) participates in a transaction with a value or in monetary amounts of at least CI$80,000 or its equivalent in any other currency, in the case of each single transaction.

We always place our clients’ interests first.  Our philosophy is that if we look after our clients well, everything else will take care of itself.  Desmond Kinch and Camilla Anderson hold the Chartered Financial Analyst designation. As charterholders, they each have to sign an annual Professional Conduct Statement testifying that they have abided by the CFA Institute’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. We do not engage in the common industry practice of soft dollar commissions whereby commission generated from trading activity is used to pay for expenses such as Bloomberg screens or subscriptions to research services. We pay for any research that requires a subscription, our Bloomberg terminals, and all expenses that are not properly an expense of any of the funds that we manage. Overseas Asset Management claims compliance with the CFA Institute Asset Management Code of Professional Conduct.  This claim has not been verified by the CFA Institute.

As Warren Buffett would say “we eat our own cooking”. It is important that we have the mindset that we are managing our clients’ equity investments as we would our own. Indeed, Desmond Kinch and the other directors are substantial shareholders in the OAM funds. This creates an alignment of interest between the investment manager and  client that we also insist on when investing in Asian funds through OAM Asian Recovery Fund.

We pride ourselves as independent thinkers that are not swayed by market fads. Part of our investment approach is to seek undiscovered opportunities and avoid crowded trades. Our disciplined value approach to investing will not make us immune to making mistakes from time to time or prevent our clients from experiencing losing years.