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Camilla Anderson
“High net worth person” means:-
  • (a) an individual whose net worth is at least CI$800,000 or its equivalent in any other currency; or
  • (b)any person that has total assets of not less than CI$4,000,000 or its equivalent in any other currency.
“Sophisticated person” means a person:-
  • (a) regulated by the Authority;
  • (b) regulated by a recognised overseas Authority;
  • (c) any of whose securities are listed on a recognised securities exchange; or
  • (d) who:-
    • (i) by virtue of knowledge and experience in financial and business matters is reasonably to be regarded as capable of evaluating the merits of a proposed transaction; and
    • (ii) participates in a transaction with a value or in monetary amounts of at least CI$80,000 or its equivalent in any other currency, in the case of each single transaction.

Camilla was born in the Cayman Islands and was educated at Marlborough College, England and the University of Manchester, where she was awarded a first class degree in Modern Languages (Spanish and Italian). During her student days she studied and worked in Italy, Spain and Argentina.  After university she spent four years working in the safari industry in Botswana, before joining Overseas Asset Management in 2010.

Camilla is a CFA® charterholder and co-manager of OAM European Value Fund.

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